It’s all about the customer

When the dust settles and the tracks are laid, the rolling stock is commissioned and stations are opened there is only one question left that needs answering: Are you really ready to roll?

The Middle East has seen a rapid expansion of railway assets over the last few years which include metro, light rail and long distance railway projects as well as a host of new facilities and stations. As many of these projects progress towards commissioning and handover, the real challenge will be operating and getting the most out of this infrastructure to ensure a world class service is delivered to all customers.

However, there is a broader consideration. Railway infrastructure is a means to an end and not the final product. Whether its purpose is to transport goods or mobilise a major sporting tournament, its success will be measured by how well the services have been delivered and the customer experience.

For this very reason, we have partnered with Qatar Rail to develop the inaugural MENA Rail Operational Readiness Summit. The event will draw on experiences from leading local and international operators as well as the experiences of railway customers, infrastructure managers, facility managers and leading consultants with one goal – to be ready when the rubber hits the rails.

Why attend?


Keynote presentations from leading operators and stakeholders currently delivering the largest operational readiness programs globally


Local and international perspectives allowing you to develop best practice and benchmark against the best in the industry


Interactive discussions that will help you drill down into the 'nitty-gritty’ of operational readiness


Plenty of interaction! Whether you attend the VIP networking, interactive theatres or focus group discussions, you will have plenty of time to network and interact


Access to innovative solutions and service providers that will help you deliver a great experience to your customers through best practice facility management and auxiliary services

Who should attend?


Government,Transport Authorities and Municipalities


Railway Developers


Infrastructure Managers


Facility Managers


Local Organising Committees


Planning Authorities


Interior Ministries and Police





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