E-book: Update on rail industry in the Middle East

E-book: Update on rail industry in the Middle East

Rail transportation in the Middle East is undergoing a fundamental transformation as over $200 billion is invested across the region in a series of key rail infrastructure projects. Not only are the respective nations of the Middle East developing expansive new national railway and metro systems, the long-awaited GCC Rail Link - a marvel of engineering interoperability and international cooperation - is rapidly nearing completion.Download this extensively detailed e-book for thorough insight into the following aspects of the Middle East Rail industry's transformation:

Top rail projects in the Middle East: A country by country profile of the most important rail development projects currently underway.

Achieving Interoperability: Insight into the specific engineering considerations and technologies being used to achieve international rail interoperability through the GCC Rail Link

Rail Operational Readiness: Necessary environmental considerations of the planned projects along with maintenance planning strategies to ensure operational readiness.

The Future Of Rail Transport In The Middle East: A look towards the ambitions and long-term plans to further expand and develop rail infrastructure networks in the Middle East in the coming years.

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