25 & 26 JANUARY 2016
AF Installations (SAF/IEI), Doha, Qatar

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Complimentary Report on Rail Operational Readiness in the MENA Region

Across the Middle East, over $200 billion is currently being invested in the development of over 10,000 km of railway lines, metro systems and support infrastructure. As huge national rail networks and the GCC Rail Link near completion, operational readiness considerations are coming into focus as operators prepare to deliver the highest level of... Read More

Rail Projects in the Middle East - Complimentary Report

With over $200 billion currently invested in rail and metro development projects across the Middle East, the next decade will bear witness to a complete transformation of rail transport in the region. Download this paper to gain access to a detailed overview of the large-scale rail projects currently underway in the respective countries of the... Read More

Achieving Interoperability in the Middle East - Complimentary Report

The respective countries of the GCC are investing billions of dollars in order to revolutionise train transport across the region. Not only are the individual member states developing their own rail,LRT and metro systems in order to provide better public transport and freight opportunities, the greater achievement of the GCC Rail Link is also on... Read More

E-book: Update on rail industry in the Middle East

Rail transportation in the Middle East is undergoing a fundamental transformation as over $200 billion is invested across the region in a series of key rail infrastructure projects. Not only are the respective nations of the Middle East developing expansive new national railway and metro systems, the long-awaited GCC Rail Link - a marvel of... Read More

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